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Working Hard

April 1st 2017, Update from Daleo
So we've been hard at work. We've mostly finished the storyboard, and we've been getting a lot of sprite work done. I've been keeping a little video blog on my page, keeping track of my journey thus far.

Alric the Templar

2017 Update

Dec. 31st 2016, Update from Daleo
2017 is going to be amazing. Stay tuned on our Facebook and Twitter pages, to keep up with our current project. We have changed the project name to Cardpug (since it is more fitting, being a Card Strategy RPG). And yes, the game may contain at least one pug in it, but that's not important. What is important, is you keeping up with out updates and sharing the news with your friends when the game comes out. WE AREN'T SAYING ANY DATES FOR THE GAME TO COME OUT; but what we can tell you is that we've finished the outline to the game, and have moved on to graphics and level design.

New Project and R.O.T. Playtesting

May. 21st 2016, Update from Daleo Eaton

We are working on a New Project! Codenamed Project:Pug!

We are currently working on a card-rpg for the PC. It has been in development the past 4 months now, and we can't wait to finish this project of epicness!

Sprite Sneak Peak:

One of our many vile enemies!~

We are excited to see this project come to life. It is our most ambitious project yet. It will have over 20+ hours of game play (hopefully) and a full scale soundtrack composed and produced by yours truely.

Do you play roleplaying games and are in the Cincinnati Area?

We are about to begin playtesting our first roleplaying system "R.O.T." (Roll Only Two). And we will be needing playtesters. You don't need much experience to participate. Just send me an email at We will let you know about upcoming news and possible playtesting dates.

Rocket Brigade, Rad Explosions

Dec. 23rd 2015, Update from Daleo Eaton

We finally finished our first game, Rocket Brigade!

PLEASE PARDON OUR DUST! We just rebuilt our website! Rocket Brigade is a re-imagining of the classic style missile defense style arcade game. If you love classic missile defense with upgrades, levels, various game modes, and a horde of different enemy bombardments to face. come join us in the ranks of the Rocket Brigade!

Download it on the google play store!

Did we mention the game was FREE?

Click the link below or click here: THIS LINK!

Yes, this is our very first game. And for us as a company, this is a really large leap into our future of making games. If you really loved the game (which we know you will), do us a HUGE favor and share the game with your friends! It would mean the world to us... oh yeah... and did we mention the game was FREE!


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